Hoarding - Billboards

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Traditional Way of Branding

A hoarding is a media most commonly used by the advertisers to promote their products/service to mass media. We have 1500 hoardings with front lit, back lit & none lit across South Gujarat region with best locations at lucrative rates for the advertisers.

Foot Over Bridges (FOB)

A Mammoth Branding Structure

Foot over bridges have become landmark in the city. We have planned 14 FOB's on PPP basis with Surat Municipal Corporation out of which 8 FOB's are ready. They are specially constructed for pedestrians for crossing roads to avoid accidents. People of Surat have really appreciated this effort as they are located in the areas where there is heavy traffic. You can find maximum crowd using FOB's to be safe and secure. Also, we have constructed elevators for the safety of senior citizens and physically challenged persons.

This FOB's are located in almost all the busiest areas of the city wherein majority of the public use this FOB's. Considering the safety of the citizens a combined effort was made to utilize this construction for the advertisers for their promotions. As they are constructed in almost all the areas, advertisers can use this medium and attract target audiences for their products/services. We have options such as backlit, frontlit, nonlit and LED's.

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Overhead Panel for Branding

It is a overhead structure very attractive wherein you can create large and eye catchy designs to fascinate the audiences. We are first to create gantry in Surat. We have 16 Gantries with a mammoth structure for the advertisers to display large designs of their products. We have gantries in almost all the busiest areas of the city such as Ring Road, Athwagate, Piplod, Varachcha, Station Entry & Exit etc. and also in South Gujarat region.


Repeated Exposure to Brand

It is one of the most predictable means of outdoor advertising. Pole Kiosks is being used and preferred by many of the advertisers for the promotions as it gives customers to think over the brand by repeated campaigns on the road. It is an option for those who has low budget yet want to do an effective campaign.

You can find pole kiosks in the malls, on the roads, parking area, etc. We have 3000 kiosks for those who wish to advertise which attracts maximum crowd.

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Bus Queue Shelters

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Low Cost, Innovative, Attracts Target Audience

Bus Queue Shelters are for the commuters to stay safe against sun and rain which has now proved as another innovative tool to create awareness amongst the audiences. You can innovate your designs creatively and display on this shelters which again is an attractive way to promote your products apart from hoardings. Bus stop advertising gives you an excellent visibility, with good impact on the target audience mind as there is high frequency of visitors which creates long lasting impact on their mind due to which they are compelled to buy your product.

We have around 74 Bus Queue Shelters for the commuters for their safety and for the advertisers for their campaigns. We have BQS at Athwazone, Old city area, Ghoddod, Bhatar, Market area etc.

Bus Branding

Incredible Impact & Long Lasting Impression

Bus advertising is a medium commonly used by advertisers to reach the public with their message. Usually, this takes the form of promoting commercial brands, but can also be used for public campaign messages.

Bus Branding is an effective way for promotions. It connects to all demographic groups covering a wide geographic area. Advertisements on buses are eye catchy and it has a long lasting impression on the target audience. Unlike ads on television or radio, there is no scope to change channels, turn off or mute Bus advertisements.

Surat being one of the fastest developing city has a huge geographical reach. Shah Publicity gives its advertisers an opportunity to advertise their brands in the city limits. We have around 100-150 buses that can be used for bus branding activity.

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Mobile Vans

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Special Area Coverage, Moveable according to Target Audience

Mobile Vans is again an effective branding tool wherein you can connect to all audience while moving across the city to promote your product. This has also been a successful branding option for many companies. Mobile vans attract audiences of all age groups and are compelled to have a long lasting impression in their mind. It is again a cost effective yet impactful medium for the advertisers for promotions.

We offer this branding facility to our advertisers for their products, we have hydraulic facility in this vans where you can display, distribute leaflets and demonstrate your product to your target audience.

Below the Line (BTL) Activities

Emerging Advertising Wing

BTL activities give the marketer the ability to tailor their messaging in a more personal manner. BTL promotions are highly measurable giving marketers valuable insights into their return on investments. These insights can then be used to inform the next BTL communication to the audience and tailor the messaging based on the feedback received.

This activity includes shop branding with various printing solutions, Glow Sign Boxes (GSB), ACP work and various other branding solutions.

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Digital Printing

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One Stop Solution

We have our own digital printing and designing studio wherein we have inhouse creative designer to make our clients media execution faster by creating and printing their designs.

Golf Car

For Senior Citizens & Physically Challenged People

We have our own Golf Car at Surat Railway Station Platform No. 1 specially for senior citizens & physically challenged. With this we give branding options to our advertisers by designing branding on the Golf Car or by distributing leaflets on the railway station for branding.

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LED Screen at Iscon Mall

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We have our LED Screen at Iscon Mall piplod for the advertisers to promote their products specially near mall areas. This is most effective and eye catchy tool for promotion.


To keep city Clean

To keep the city clean and tidy we have started with public utilities. This initiative was especially towards the society to keep our city hygienic. This utilities also has an option of hoarding wherein you can target the audience according to the areas and class.

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